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Appearance & Uniform Code

It is important that each student represent a professional image in the clinical setting.

Program Designated Uniforms
  1. White uniform skirt or white pants. No white jeans, body-hugging pants, low cut or low rise pants, or sweat pants may be worn. Skirts must be knee-length or below. The uniform must be clean and wrinkle free.
  2. Approved khaki scrub top.
  3. White mid-thigh to knee-length lab coat with full-length sleeves must be worn over the uniform at all times when off the clinical unit.
  4. The Parkland Health careers patch is to be worn on the left of the khaki top and the upper left sleeve of the lab coat.
  5. A Parkland nursing picture ID badge is to be worn on the khaki top and the white lab coat. The name badge is part of the uniform.
  6. Shoes must be clean white clinic shoes or white walking shoes with a minimum of additional color on them. Plain white socks or hose are to be worn with white pants.
Clinical Accessories
  1. Students must have a wristwatch with a second hand or a digital readout.
  2. Students are required to purchase their own stethoscope, penlight, bandage scissors, etc.
Personal Accessories
  1. Rings: 
    Only plain rings without stones are allowed. Rings are not permitted in surgery or peds/OB.
  2.  Earrings: 
    Only plain stud earrings are permitted. One earring per earlobe is allowed. Ear cuffs, collars, hoop earrings, or other visible articles of body piercing are not allowed.
  3. Bracelets/Tongue Studs:
    No visible bracelets, decorative pins, etc., may be worn with the uniform. Tongue studs are not allowed.
  4. Body Art:
    Visible body art is not allowed. Body art should be covered by clothing and/or appropriate coverings at all times. Exceptions to this may only be made by the Program Director.
  5. Makeup: Make-up must be minimal and in good taste.

Please note: Student uniforms may not be worn any other place than clinical. It is not appropriate to wear your uniform to your job, the microbiology or cadaver laboratories at Parkland College, or any place that is not directly related to clinical or the LPN Program.

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