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Internship Process

How do I begin the internship process?

  • Contact a Parkland Internship Supervisor from your program to discuss the expected work requirements for your internship. You must also have completed or be concurrently enrolled in CIS 297: CSIT Job Seminar.
  • Seek out and apply for positions that are related to your program. Consider including permanent full-time and part-time positions, as well as temporary or internship positions, in your job search.
  • Once you've been offered an eligible employment or internship, ask your employer to sign a Training Agreement and bring those documents to the CSIT department office. This will start the enrollment process for CIS 298. You will then receive a bill from Parkland College for the tuition cost of CIS 298. Make sure you pay this bill or the class will be dropped.
  • Students must document all of hours and work/tasks on Intern Time Sheets and submit them to their Internship Supervisor.
  • At the end of your 225 hours, your employer will need to complete an Employer Evaluation or an Employer Evaluation for Office Professionals. You will also need to complete a Student Intern Self-Evaluation Form. Both evaluations must be submitted to your Internship Supervisor in order to receive CIS 298 credit.
  • CSIT Students are responsible for all internship documentation including forwarding them to the employer, Parkland Internship Supervisor and the CSIT department office. Failure to submit proper documentation could delay your enrollment in the class, your final grade, your ability to receive CIS 298 credit, and/or your eligibility for graduation.
  • Note: You may enroll in CIS 298 as late as mid-semester. If you want to enroll after mid-semester, you may discuss with your Internship Supervisor the option of banking hours toward the next semester.

How do I find an internship or job?

  • Employers frequently contact Parkland CSIT in search of students for internships and employment. We post that information on our web site under Current Employment/Internship Opportunities
  • Parkland's Career Center also provides a wide array of resources for students seeking employment, including the College Central Network online job board where you can search for jobs or post your resume for prospective employers. The staff in the Career Center can also help you write cover letters and resumes, practice interviews, and develop job search strategies.


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