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Toya Ward
  • Name: Toya Ward
  • Program of Study: Office Professional
  • Graduation Date: Dec 2009
  • Place of Employment: Carle Foundation Hospital
  • Current Position:Revenue Cycle System Analyst
  • Job Responsibilities: Resolve software issues within the Carle billing enterprise and provide good quality customer service.

I am glad I completed Parkland's program because it was affordable and a great stepping stone into future endeavors, whether someone is continuing their education or moving into the workforce. I was not sure what I wanted to do when I got to Parkland, but with guidance I figured it out. I am grateful to the Parkland staff that cared enough about my future to encourage me to keep going and continue my education.

Brandon Burton
  • Name: Brandon Burton
  • Program of Study: Digital Media
  • Graduation Date: May 2012
  • Place of Employment: Mirus Technologies - Normal, IL
  • Current Position:Software Engineer Intern
  • Job Responsibilities: Enterprise web development, UI/UX design, database design/management

Parkland provided the proper resources that gave me the confidence to move forward in my area of study. All of the instructors in the CSIT program were incredibly passionate, and they will do pretty much whatever it takes to help students succeed. After graduating from Parkland, I became well connected with new friends and members of the community.

Annette Huss
  • Name: Annette Huss
  • Program of Study: Office Professional
  • Graduation Date: May 2015
  • Place of Employment: University of Illinois Staff- Human Resources
  • Current Position: Office Support Associate
  • Job Responsibilities: Supporting the Classification and Salary section of Staff Human Resources. The main duties of my job include answering telephone calls, answering questions, and directing questions that I can't answer to the appropriate person/department. I process employee requisitions for the Civil Service side of employment at UIUC, maintain a position database including position descriptions, and maintain the Civil Service position portion of positions on the UIUC campus.
  • The Office Professional program is an EXCELLENT program!  I returned to school after a 30 year absence.  I would HIGHLY recommend this program to anybody that has an interest in the administrative or support functions in the office.

    Steven Rhoads
    • Name: Steven Rhoads
    • Program of Study: Network Administration and Support
    • Graduation Date: May 2014
    • Place of Employment:Pavlov Media
    • Current Position: Network Operations Manager
    • Job Responsibilities: Provide Multi-Dwelling Unit wired & wireless network support to existing sites nationwide. Collaborate in the planning and deployment of new sites and takeovers, working with engineering to determine the solutions that will provide the best service & most reliable network to our customers. Research & documentation of existing network and procedures, as well as new network technologies and methods to implement them in current and future sites.

    I attended Parkland after 15+ years of already being in the work place, but not in the field I wanted. Initially I was unsure, but the atmosphere and staff at Parkland quickly made that disappear. Parkland's CSIT department provided me with the core information and tools necessary to enjoy coming to work, as well as the knowledge and confidence to tackle new concepts and technologies. Overall, Parkland was a life changer, allowing me to move into a field I wanted to be in most of my life.

    Abriel Shipley
    • Name: Abriel Shipley
    • Program of Study: Computer Science/Graphic Design
    • Graduation Date: May 2011
    • Place of Employment:University of Illinois, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
    • Current Position:Graphic Design Specialist
    • Portfolio of work:abrielshipley.com

    Parkland truly provided me with an amazing experience. The small classroom environment, combined with talented instructors like David Bock, helps foster every student to be successful. Everyone was able to get the help and guidance they needed, while supporting a team environment that strived for their best and a chance for each student to shine. The Parkland experience really prepared me for a four-year University experience and continues to be a part of my everyday life.

    Eden Oliveira
    • Name: Eden Oliveira
    • Program of Study: Network System Administration
    • Graduation Date: July 2009
    • Place of Employment: MindGeek - Montreal, Canada
    • Current Position: IT System Administrator
    • Job Responsibilities:  2nd and 3rd level support and technical assessment of newly proposed IT projects involving Active Directory, Hyper-V 2012, Exchange 2007/2010, SQL, All System Center 2012 technologies (SCCM, SCSM, SCVMM, SCOM, SCORCH). Experience with PowerShell, SharePoint and Lync for end-users.

    After being part of Parkland College universe, I realized that the world is now one step closer; I realize that there is no limit to achieve my goals once you have the right knowledge and the confidence of what your real strengths are.. I feel stronger and capable of facing any challenge, anywhere. Self-confidence is my name and the sky is the limit!

    Jon Peirce
    • Name: Jon Peirce
    • Program of Study: Network Administration & Support
    • Graduation Date: December 2013
    • Place of Employment: Parkland College - Computer Science & Information Technology
    • Current Position: Systems Analyst
    • Job Responsibilities:  Support over 80 workstations & 6 servers for student and faculty use.Implement new hardware & software for the purpose of teaching students new technology.Administrator of Microsoft & VMware programs which gives CSIT students access to lots of free educational software.Develop deployment strategies, documentation & methods for installing and upgrading equipment, components, and software.

    Parkland College and the CSIT department offer some of the best programs and opportunities around.The instructors are enthusiastic about what they teach and are willing to take extra time to explain the things that you just don’t quite understand.My CSIT instructors were very important to me gaining the confidence and ability to not just pass a class but excel at it.

    Kristen Burch
    • Name: Kristen Burch
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Place of Employment: Frito Lay, Inc.
    • Current Position: DOT Compliance Coordinator
    • Job Responsibilities:  Support DOT (Department of Transportation) record-keeping duties for Indiana Areas and Champaign Area. I maintain and file all DOT paperwork such as DQ Files, maintenance files, timecards, and Vehicle Condition Reports. I conduct two audits for DOT requirements from federal regulations. All backfill is trained and I help conduct DOT training for the company for drivers and management. Create all trackers for the Heartland Region. I travel through out the Midwest area (that is in our Region) for DOT trainings, meetings, and audits. 

    Parkland and the CSIT program did a lot for my preparation for my current career. The best thing about the CSIT program is how many options of courses and programs they offer you. Having a great academic advisor (Ann Blackman) with the program you choose makes everything so much easier and stress free. A lot of the knowledge I learned from Parkland helped me rise above and beyond all the people in my position. There is so much information that I learned from Parkland that if I wouldn't have chosen Parkland and that program, there would be no way I would have the knowledge I do today with my career.

    Amber Johnson
    • Name: Amber Johnson
    • Program of Study: Office Professional (Digital Media)
    • Graduation Date: May 2013
    • Place of Employment: Randstad USA (Staffing Agency for State Farm)
    • Current Position: Organizational Support Specialist
    • Job Responsibilities: Assisting in creating and updating documents: creating presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, diagrams using Microsoft Visio 2010, spreadsheets with calculations and macros in Microsoft Excel 2010, and reports as needed. Storing and retrieving documents in SharePoint 2010, following corporate guidelines for records retention and storage. Scheduling/Scribing project meetings. Creating/maintaining distribution lists in Microsoft Outlook 2010 and/or Lotus Notes.

    Parkland College CSIT Instructors were significant in my accomplishments. They equipped me with the skills required for office work: keyboarding, software applications, office procedures, mathematics, and communications. All of the instructors were more than enthusiastic to aid in me achieving my degree, whether it was permitting me to make up certain items missed or taking the extra time to explain something I did not quite understand. As long as I had open and honest communication with them, they would ensure whatever it took to help me flourish. I could not have asked for anything better. In particular, I would like to applaud Ann Blackman on playing not only the program director role for Office Professionals, but also taking on the role of mentor, coach, and friend. Ann took a real interest in my success and is one of the people who assisted me to get where I am today… extremely blessed and happy.

    Jason Pethtel
    • Name: Jason Pethtel
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Place of Employment: Dreamworks Animation - Glendale, CA
    • Current Position: Matte Painting Compositor
    • Portfolio of Work: jasonpethtel.com/

    Parkland College and the CSIT program brought me an affordable solution to my desire to learn CG. Through Parkland, I was given access to the right software and the right guidance for what I hope is a long career in an exciting field. The comprehensive, straightforward teaching methods of the instructors, particularly Alex Jerez, helped me to ‘play to my strengths’ and develop my abilities inside and outside the classroom. 

    Josh O'Neal
    • Name: Josh O'Neal
    • Program of Study: 3D Game and Graphic Development (Digital Media)
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Place of Employment: 004 Technologies USA
    • Current Position: Mobile Software Engineer
    • Job Responsibilities: Developing mobile applications for the Android and iOS platforms, as well as HTML 5.

    The classes were top notch. Dave Bock is at the forefront of his field, and an unbelievable source of knowledge. I love how customizable the degrees were, in that I was able to swap in more math for some of the design courses I wasn't particularly interested in. On that note, the Parkland math department is outstanding, and I might just finish my degree in mathematics there soon.

    McShane Washington
    • Name: McShane Washington
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Additional Education: Liberty University
    • Program of Study: Christian Counseling

    The most enjoyable aspect of Parkland and CSIT is the great atmosphere of learning, friendship, and togetherness. Ann Blackman really helped me out when I was behind in school work or confused in class. She encouraged me often and told me to hang in there. The encouragement never stopped even when she wasn’t my instructor she still was there for me. My last semester at Parkland I was talking with a classmate and she asked me what next for me after I graduate. I told her I didn’t know and she asked me this question, if I only made a penny what is the one job I could do all day? I replied helping people. I’m currently going to Liberty University to become a Christian Counselor to encourage others, so everything has come full circle.

    Kate Hewerdine
    • Name: Kate Hewerdine
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Current Place of Employment:  Champaign County Nursing Home
    • Current Position:  Activity Assistant
    • Job Responsibilities:  Mental and physical group activities for residents.  Creating care plans.  Census medical charting. 

    All of the CSIT instructors have helped me become more comfortable on the computer. I am taking my skills and teaching others what I have learned from the CSIT instructors on a daily basis in my current job in the medical field.  The CSIT instructors let me gain the knowledge of many different job areas in the Office Professional field.  I couldn't have got to where I am today without the wonderful support from Ann Blackman.  She took interest in my career goals from day one and mentored me through achieving two associate degrees from Parkland.   I am so blessed that the degrees I earned from Parkland College are allowing me to work in the field of my dreams and helping improve the life of the elderly every day.

    Aubrey Lucas
    • Name: Aubrey Lucas
    • Program of Study: Microcomputer Support Specialist
    • Graduation Date: December 2011
    • Place of Employment: U. S. Navy
    • Current Position: IT Analyst
    • Job Responsibilities: IT Support

    Hands on work in the classroom, was very beneficial in helping my confidence in my abilities to learn and perform. I [also] enjoyed the groups I became a part of [at Parkland College]: Student Veterans of Parkland, TRIO/SSS, Brother 2 Brother, IOC, Student Grievance Committee and Phi Theta Kappa. I met some good people and enjoyed some good discussion with plenty of laughs. 

    Darcie Cohee
    • Name: Darcie Cohee
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Graduation Date: May 2010
    • Additional Education: Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC)
    • Program of Study: Information Systems Technologies
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Place of Employment: Boeing - St. Louis, MO

    Through my experiences at Parkland, I have been able to work on furthering my career and am much more goal-oriented than I initially was. After working through my Associate’s degree, I knew that a Bachelor’s was attainable. Now that I am almost done with my Bachelor’s, I want to eventually pursue grad school. I also want to work to move up in my field and eventually become an IT leader. I would also say that Parkland and SIUC are what helped me obtain a summer internship with Boeing in Philadelphia (last summer). I have been very fortunate to receive opportunities of a lifetime, and that is in part due to my educational background. 

    Tim Robert
    • Name: Tim Robert
    • Program of Study: Programming and Database Management
    • Graduation Date: 2008
    • Additional Education:
      University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) - Computer Science BS & Computer Science MS
    • Graduation Date: 2010, 2012
    • Place of Employment: State Farm Insurance
    • Current Position: Systems Analyst

    Most importantly, Parkland taught me to teach myself. The occasions are innumerable in which I have had the opportunity to solve a problem because my Parkland, and especially CSIT, instructors had provided me with the core knowledge, skill set, and the confidence in my ability that I needed to understand the problem, to research a solution to the problem, and to successfully implement that solution. And, in a field that can change as often and as dramatically as ours can, I think that this has been the greatest advantage that my education with CSIT at Parkland provided me. 

    Steven Griffith
    • Name: Steven Griffith
    • Program of Study: Object Oriented Programming Certificate, Web Programmer Certificate
    • Graduation Date: 2010
    • Place of Employment: J.T. Smith & Associates
    • Current Position: Programmer
    • Job Responsibilities: Software Engineer/ Programming, Database design/management, Web development, Server Administration, Networking, Tech Support, Data Processing

    Parkland gave me a great formal education, but more importantly Parkland taught me how to learn on my own with confidence. I came to Parkland because I didn’t think I could do what I do now, and now I realize that I can do anything. 

    M.C. Neal
    • Name: M.C. Neal
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Graduation Date: December 2011
    • Additional Education:  Eastern Illinois University (EIU)
    • Place of Employment: Urbana Free Library
    • Current Position: Technology Manager
    • Job Responsibilities:  Maintains operation of library technology infrastructure.  Responsible for system installation, problem resolution, and data backup. Configures, maintains, and troubleshoots servers and local area networking equipment. Trains end-users on hardware/software.

    What I enjoyed most about Parkland were the instructors. Parkland students are taught by professors, not teacher assistants. The professors are all professionals who used to be, some still are, in the field which they are now teaching, so you know you are learning from someone who’s been in the trenches, not someone who’s just regurgitating theories - nothing worse than a professor teaching a business class when they have never owned/run a business themselves. To me it is the instructors, namely in CSIT, which make Parkland great. 

    Daniel Tavenner
    • Name: Daniel Tavenner
    • Program of Study: Programming/Database Management
    • Graduation Date: May 2008
    • Additional Education: University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)
    • Graduation Date: December 2010
    • Place of Employment: Horace Mann Educators Corporation
    • Current Position: Junior Application Developer
    • Job Responsibilities: Day-to-day work involves fixing bugs and defects in a web-based software package used by agents to run Automobile insurance quotes for potential customers.

    I realized when I moved on to UIS, thanks to Parkland's CSIT curriculum, I was much more prepared than many of the other students. When talking with [others] who transferred to UIS, I found that they had similar experiences. Even now when at work, I get asked how I know how to write certain programs and the reason is almost always due to the CSIT curriculum and how well it has prepared me for a career in software development. 

    Daniel Tavenner
    • Name: Payton Focken
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: August 2011
    • Place of Employment: ITG (Imaging Technology Group), Beckman Institute
    • Job Responsibilities: 3D work

    [Parkland CSIT] has given me the opportunity to pursue a career doing something that I love to do. That's all anybody can ask for. 

    Debra Sexton
    • Name: Debra Sexton
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: May 2012
    • Place of Employment: International Society of Arboriculture
    • Current Position: Executive Assistant

    I started Parkland with the intention of taking a couple of classes to supplement my knowledge with no intention of getting a degree. Parkland opened my eyes to new possibilities. 

    Kate Brewster
    • Name: Kate Brewster
    • Program of Study: Programming/Database Management
    • Graduation Date: May 2010
    • Additional Education: University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)
    • Major: Computer Science
    • Graduation: May 2012
    • Place of Employment: Carle
    • Department: Health Information Management

    My experience at Parkland was wonderful. With the help of the wonderful professors and advisors in the CSIT department, I was very well prepared to continue my education at a four year university. Ann Blackman was such a huge help when it came time to decide what university was right for me and then guided me through the transferring process.

    Ryan Blackman
    • Name: Ryan Blackman
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Additional Education: University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS)
    • Graduation Date: May 2011
    • Place of Employment: Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District
    • Current Position: Software Developer/Network Administrator
    • Job Responsibilities: Software development as well as a small amount of network administration.

    My education at Parkland provides me with valuable background knowledge that has helped me with my software development tasks. The networking knowledge that I gained at Parkland is not something that many other software developers have. I started an internship with the MTD when I was a student at Parkland and upon graduating from UIS I was offered a full time job there. 

    Sandy Fitzgerald
    • Name: Sandy Fitzgerald
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Place of Employment: Christie Clinic
    • Current Position: Coordinator – Central Transcription
    • Job Responsibilities: Coordinator of the department overseeing the flow of transcription to and from providers.

    I wanted to become an MT and with Parkland's help I accomplished that goal. My experiences as a teacher, in turn, helped me to be a better coordinator as I dealt with a staff of 25+ people. Without Parkland, I would not have accomplished what I have today and I would not have the opportunity to teach and help students grow and find their way to success in their chosen career. 

    John Anindo
    • Name: John Anindo
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Graduation Date: August 2007
    • Place of Employment: Carle Foundation
    • Current Position: Software Support Engineer

    [Parkland has] great instructors, conducive learning environment, and class schedules that accommodate most shifts for those who have jobs.

    Mike Roberts
    • Name: Mike Roberts
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Graduation Date: May 2010
    • Place of Employment: Busey
    • Current Position: Telecommunications Manager
    • Job Responsibilities: Leading technical team to ensure stability, security and integrity of data and telephone infrastructure. Also ensuring sound financial solutions are implemented.

    Parkland helped supplement my technical and leadership skills. The instructors and my classmates also helped me see that with hard work you can achieve your goals no matter what! My Parkland classes also flowed directly over to the Info System Technologies (IST) Course at Southern Illinois University allowing me to work on my 4 year degree with half the credit hours already completed. 

    Cindy Reynolds
    • Name: Cindy Reynolds
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: December 2010
    • Place of Employment: William Staerkel Planetarium at Parkland College
    • Current Position: Operations Assistant
    • Job Responsibilities:This position allows me to use aspects taught in the Office Professional program at Parkland College.  In addition to general office duties, I am also responsible for scheduling field trip reservations, reserving lobby, dome and lounge usage; coordinating planetarium for Parkland College instructors; maintaining gift shop inventory and purchase items as necessary; calculate retail pricing for gift shop items; maintain a high level of customer service; and keep attendance records for annual reports.  My duties include numerous bookkeeping functions for the planetarium, such as receipts and payment for group shows, public shows, special events, royalty fees, and gift shop items.  These duties involve both manual and computer accounting for all revenues, purchases, accounts due, and outstanding requisitions.  I also supervise part-time staff and student workers  in customer service, software usage, and manual/online calendaring for planetarium staff.

    Many of the CSIT staff and faculty were significant in guiding me in the journey of achieving my employment goal and to continue with my academic studies. While I have wanted to complete my education for years, I never seriously entertained the concept during the past. Now I see continuing my education as a natural progression in my life and the goals for my future. 

    Katherine Schluter
    • Name: Katherine Schluter
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: August 2010
    • Place of Employment: William M. Staerkel Planetarium at Parkland College
    • Current Position: Operations Assistant
    • Job Responsibilities: This position allows me to use the aspects of the Office Professional program at Parkland College. In addition to general office duties, I am also responsible for scheduling field trip reservations; reserving lobby, dome, and lounge usage; coordinating planetarium use for Parkland College instructors; maintain gift shop inventory and purchase items as necessary; calculate retail pricing for gift shop items; maintain a high level of customer service; and keep attendance records for annual reports. My duties also include numerous bookkeeping functions for the planetarium, such as receipts and payment for group shows, public shows, special events, royalty fees, and gift shop items. These duties involved both manual and computer accounting for all revenues, purchases, accounts due, and outstanding requisitions. In addition to these duties, I also supervise numerous part-time staff and student workers who provide coverage for office and planetarium, which includes instruction on customer service, current software usage for confirmations of group events, and maintaining both manual and online calendar for planetarium staff.

    The most enjoyable aspect of CSIT would have to be how they were willing to help me no matter what and how friendly the faculty and staff are. Going through the office Professional program gave me the skills to get a job in what I love to do. 

    Eden Lincoln Ferreira de Oliveira
    • Name: Eden Lincoln Ferreira de Oliveira
    • Program of Study: Network System Administrator
    • Graduation Date: July 2009
    • Place of Employment: FTI Consulting - Brazil
    • Current Position: IT Infrastructure Consultant
    • Job Responsibilities: Implementation, design, and support for a test enviroment created using Windows Server 2012 (Beta)

    After being at Parkland, I realized that the world is now closer; I began to realize that there were no limits to attain my goals, either here in Brazil or anywhere in the world. Success came quickly after my return to Brazil. 

    Justin Moberg
    • Name: Justin Moberg
    • Transfer Date: August 2008
    • Graduation Date: December 2010, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    • Place of Employment: Navair (Dept. of the Navy)
    • Current Position: Computer Scientist
    • Job Responsibilities: Embedded Programming

    At Parkland, professors often have enough time to help each student individually during class time. The benefit here is two-fold because not only does the student get help when he or she needs it, but the professors get good at helping students. I may not have chosen computer science if it hadn't been for Kari Couch and [her] introduction to programming class. 

    Rory Jones
    • Name: Rory Jones
    • Program of Study: Digital Media: 3D Graphics Programming
    • Graduation Date: May 2007
    • Place of Employment: 5th Cell Media, Bellevue WA
    • Current Position: Technical Artist
    • Portfolio of Work: roryjones.net

    The technical education I received landed me a higher position and continues to speed my ascension and notoriety within the company. Higher profile projects and duties are entrusted to me thanks to my understanding of both the technical and artistic aspects of game development. 

    Eugene Peterson
    • Name: Eugene Peterson
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: May 2010
    • Place of Employment: Adayana - Urbana, IL
    • Current Position:< Web Gaming/Training Developer

    The faculty and staff of the Digital Media program consistently encouraged us students to strive for our best while maintaining their awareness of our individual capabilities and responsibilities. This provided an environment where I could still succeed with full-time work, a family, and the unexpected. 

    Dave Ellington
    • Name: Dave Ellington
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Place of Employment: The Duke and the Duck Productions - Washington D.C.
    • Current Position: Co-Owner and Animation Director
    • Job Responsibilities: 2-D motion graphics animation and animation for web-based informational videos.
    • Portfolio of Work: dukeandtheduck.com

    The work I produced at Parkland cracked open a few doors for me. Precision Graphics, a Champaign design firm, hired me as an animation intern after seeing my work at the Digital Media student show. My friend who was in D.C. at the time (now my business partner) showed a few business owners my stuff and they hired us to produce a video for them. Since then, we've taken off and have a fairly steady stream of work. Now I'm creating for a living! 

    Chris Whitaker
    • Name: Chris Whitaker
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: August 2008
    • Place of Employment: 5th Cell
    • Current Position: Character Artist
    • Portfolio of Work: FunkyBunnies3d.com

    A number of students and instructors would sometimes take time out of their schedules to meet outside of class just for the chance to exchange knowledge and talk about our passion for digital art. I think that level of passion had the biggest effect on where I'm lucky enough to be now. 

    Phil Bennett
    • Name: Phil Bennett
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: May 2006
    • Place of Employment: Augustana College - Rock Island, IL
    • Current Position: Assistant Director of Web Services and New Media
    • Portfolio of Work: philipbennett.net

    Ken [Urban] was very helpful in keeping me interested in new technologies and would help with learning more advanced topics than what was taught in his courses. 

    Michel Heiji Ichiy
    • Name: Michel Heiji Ichiy
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Place of Employment: Tectoy Studios,
      Campinas, SP - Brazil
    • Current Position: 3D Artist
    • Portfolio of Work: michelichiy.com

    I’m a programmer first of all, and when I got to Parkland College, David Bock introduced me to the Digital Media Program. That changed [everything]. Before getting into Parkland College, I really thought I would work as a programmer. Now I’m a artist! 

    Steve Eisenmann
    • Name: Steve Eisenmann
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Place of Employment: Rhythm and Hues Studios - El Segundo, CA
    • Current Position: PreLighting Technical Director
    • Job Responsibilities: Creating material surfaces for CG characters and environments for live action movies. Help create and test new pipelines tools.
    • Portfolio of Work: steve-eisenmann.com

    Parkland got me started in the right direction for the job I wanted. I got my first real 3D job from one of the professors [and] I also got good advice on credible schools to transfer to from the professors. 

    Laura Cosner
    • Name: Laura Cosner
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: December 2005
    • Place of Employment: Zoic Studios,
      Los Angeles, CA
    • Current Position: Visual Effects Coordinator - True Blood
    • Portfolio of Work: See Laura Draw

    The coursework helped me learn the technical aspects of Maya and also gave me a good idea of what I specifically wanted to do with Maya professionally. The environment at Parkland was great because it really gave every student opportunities to succeed in the classroom as well as the Parkland community. The program really helped me not only to learn the software, but to really figure out what in CG/3D I wanted to focus on. 

    Sam Mtunga
    • Name: Sam Mtunga
    • Program of Study: Networking
    • Graduation Date: May 2009
    • Place of Employment: The Scion Group, LLC - Chicago, IL
    • Current Position: Director of Marketing & Resident Services
    • Job Responsibilities: I am responsible for the branding and marketing for our entire portfolio, plus developing our customer service, and handling any PR issues.

    At Parkland College I learned that I didn’t have all the answers and that my [CSIT] teachers were not going to hand them to me either. I learned how to find the answer and not to stop at “I don’t know.” 

    Myriah Fillenwarth
    • Name: Myriah Benner
    • Program of Study: Office Professional
    • Graduation Date: May 2003
    • Place of Employment: Parkland College, Champaign, IL
    • Current Position: Academic Advisor, Counseling & Advising Center
    • Job Responsibilities: Advise new and continuing students in academic coursework, retention, and transferring

    Going through the Office Professional program gave me the experience and knowledge to find a job in which my interests match my skills and abilities. The instructors were so helpful and I stayed in contact with them even after graduation for career guidance. Through the Adult Re-entry Center, I was able to obtain my bachelor's and master's degrees without leaving the area. Even though my associate's degree was a career program, most of the course work transferred. 

    Brendan Holloway
    • Name: Brendan Holloway
    • Program of Study: Digital Media
    • Graduation Date: May 2005
    • Place of Employment: Monolith Productions – Seattle, WA
    • Current Position: Senior Technical Artist
    • Job Responsibilities: Developing, implementing, and supporting pipelines for getting art into next-gen console games.

    The 3D computer graphics classes at Parkland gave me the skills, information and creative environment to become a full-time game developer. The program David Bock created is made to give you the experience you need for a job in any digital art industry you choose. 

    Bob Chamot
    • Name: Bob Chamot
    • Certificate: Maya Character Animation
    • Graduation Date: May 2006
    • Place of Employment: High Voltage Software, Hoffman Estates, IL
    • Current Position: Game Designer
    • Portfolio of Work: bob.chamotlabs.com

    What Parkland did was open my eyes to the world of digital media. My bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Illinois was hard-earned, and I'm proud of my achievements there. But it was at Parkland that I discovered a world of artistic creativity possible with computers. Digital art is unique in the way that it requires using both halves of one's brain and I still find that quality appealing. 


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