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Mission & Purposes

Mission and Purposes
The mission of Parkland College is to engage the community in learning.
The following purposes are of equal importance in fulfilling the mission of Parkland College:
• To guide and assist students in becoming active, responsible, ethical, and self-disciplined citizens in our democratic society.
• To provide technical-vocational and career education that meets the needs of students, business, and industry.
• To prepare students for transfer to four-year colleges and universities.
• To provide developmental programs, courses, and services which prepare students to pursue college-level work successfully.
• To develop and enrich students’ general education, including effective written and oral communication; mathematical, scientific, and computer literacy; critical thinking; creativity; and a recognition of the cultural value of history, geography, literature, music, and art.
• To provide lifelong learning opportunities for students to explore their potential, abilities, and interests.
• To provide counseling, advising, assessment, and guidance services to help students attain their educational goals.
• To provide support services to enhance students’ learning experiences, to promote personal growth, and to supply employment information and placement assistance.
• To actively engage members of the college community in the process of developing an appreciation for cultural diversity.
• To expand global awareness by providing opportunities for international studies and experiences.
• To provide a climate, both in and out of the classroom, for the discussion of ideas, concerns, and social issues.
• To provide services, training, programs, and resources to the public and to business, industry, agriculture, and labor that promote the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of Illinois Community College District 505.
• To provide a nurturing, quality work environment for all college personnel and to provide professional development opportunities to help meet the challenges of changes in technology, student needs, resource-delivery systems, and District demographics.

Statement of Core Values
As an institution of learning, Parkland College cultivates inquiry, practical application of knowledge, and broad enrichment across our community. The following values are important to the fulfillment of Parkland College’s mission to provide programs and services of high quality to our students and community.
• Honesty and Integrity. In our daily operations, our classrooms, and all of our interactions, it is essential that we communicate openly, truthfully, and without hypocrisy.
• Fairness and Just Treatment. We advocate and strive for respect, equity, and justice in all of our operations and proceedings.
• Responsibility. We believe that employees and students are personally and mutually accountable for their actions as they carry out their duties. We understand the need to balance the pursuit of our own well-being with concern for others. Likewise, we understand the importance of balancing personal accountability with graciousness in the acceptance of help from others.
• Multiculturalism. We celebrate the diversity in both our community and our world. Our goal is to recognize, promote,
utilize, and educate one another regarding the unique qualities and shared humanity of all people and cultures.
• Education. We provide a forum for innovation, critical thinking, open inquiry, and lifelong learning opportunities.
• Public Trust. In our efforts to serve the community, we honor the trust placed in us by our citizenry. We also rely on our community to guide and advise us as we continue to serve its needs.

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The Mission of Parkland College is to engage the community in learning.