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Logo Usage

The Parkland College Logo Description and Usage Guidelines

A visual representation of Parkland College, the logo should always be displayed in a consistent manner, supporting the college’s brand identity.

The following guidelines detail the individual elements of the Parkland logo, requirements for logo reproduction, and preferred logo usage in print and Web materials. Click here for DOWNLOADABLE FILES of the Parkland logo. You may also contact Marketing and Public Relations at 217/351-2537 for help with logo reproduction.


Please observe the following when reproducing the Parkland College logo in print or electronically:

> Color
The Parkland College logo may be printed in either Parkland green (PMS #348) or black. If a reverse logo treatment (white on color) is required, please contact Marketing and Public Relations at 217/351-2537 or marketing@parkland.edu.

> Proportion
Please do not rotate, smash, squeeze, or stretch the college logo. To maintain the logo’s proportions when reproducing for print, please use the downloadable logos or contact Marketing for logo reduction or enlargement.

To maintain clarity, please reduce only to a minimum size of .75 in. by .98 in. (vertical version) or 1.75 in. by .41 in. (horizontal version).

> Format
Please include all elements in the logo; the graphic mark, or “P”, should always accompany the college’s name in marketing and recruitment materials; the two should not be separated.

> Usage
Ads, posters, brochures, and other marketing materials
Parkland College’s recruitment and marketing materials require proper logo placement/reproduction, to ensure high-quality, consistent college promotion. The logo should be placed in the bottom right corner of the print piece with .25 in buffer zone between the logo and any other design element.


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