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Welcome to Parkland College’s Institutional Portfolio.
This portfolio provides an overview of the college and evidence used to demonstrate how Parkland College is fulfilling its mission to "engage the community in learning.”

As a 46-year-old community college, Parkland has maintained a strong commitment to student learning, assessment and improvement, diversity (on campus and in the curriculum), appropriate and innovative uses for technology, and the community it serves.

Each page and link in this portfolio provides a distinct yet interrelated view of Parkland College as a whole. Each also serves as a focus for discussion, analysis, and reflection among faculty, staff, students, and community members. In addition, the portfolio includes links to significant documents as well as past and future reaccreditation materials in partnership with the Higher Learning Commission.

Parkland College is committed to a process of evaluation as part of its short- and long-term planning efforts. This Institutional Portfolio is updated regularly to ensure that current information is available to the campus and the community.

Please take a tour of the portfolio by clicking on any of the menu items provided on the left. Comments and suggestions are welcome; please feel free to contact us with comments or suggestions at

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The Mission of Parkland College is to engage the community in learning.

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