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KPC 4: Faculty and Staff Ratios

The first Key Performance Category 4 dashboard shows Parkland's benchmark standings for average credit section size, student to faculty ratio, and percent of courses taught by full-time and part-time faculty. The second KPC 4 dashboard provides student to staff ratios for several important student support service units.

KPC 4: Faculty Ratios

KPC4.1: Average Credit Section Size

KPC4.2: Student to Faculty Ratio

KPC4.3 and KPC4.4: Faculty Load - Percent of Course Sections Taught by Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty

KPC 4: Support Staff Ratios

KPC4.6: Career Services: Student to Staff Ratio

KPC4.7: Counseling and Advising: Student to Staff Ratio

KPC4.8: Admissions and Registration: Student to Staff Ratio

KPC4.9: Financial Aid: Student to Staff Ratio

KPC4.10: Student Life: Student to Staff Ratio

KPC4.11: Testing and Assessment: Student to Staff Ratio


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