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KPC 2: Graduate Completion, Student Persistence, Course Success, and Transfer

Key Performance Category 2 dashboards show Parkland's benchmark standings for course success rates, student persistence, and cohort-based three year graduate completion and transfer rates.

KPC 2: Core Courses Enrollee Success

KPC2.16: ENG 101 (Composition I) Course Enrollee Success

KPC2.17: ENG 102 (Composition II) Course Enrollee Success

KPC2.18: MAT 124 (Algebra) Course Enrollee Success

KPC2.19: SPE 101/COM 103 (Speech) Course Enrollee Success

KPC 2: Developmental Course Enrollee Success

KPC2.12: Developmental Writing Enrollee Success

KPC2.13: Developmental Reading Enrollee Success

KPC2.11: Developmental Math Enrollee Success

KPC2.14: First College Level Math Enrollee Success

KPC2.15: First College Level Writing Enrollee Success

KPC 2: Course Enrollee Success Rates

KPC2.1: College-Level Course Enrollee Success

KPC2.10: Institution-Wide Course Enrollee Success

KPC 2: Student Persistence Rates

KPC2.8: Fall to Fall Persistence - 2011 to 2012

KPC2.9: Next Term Persistence - Fall 2011 to Spring 2012

KPC 2: Three Year Cohort Graduate Completion and Transfer

KPC2.2: Completion: First-Time, Full-Time Cohort

KPC2.4: Transfer: First-Time, Full-Time Cohort

KPC2.6: Completion or Transfer: First-Time, Full-Time Cohort

KPC2.3: Completion: First-Time, Part-Time Cohort

KPC2.5: Transfer: First-Time, Part-Time Cohort

KPC2.7: Completion or Transfer: First-Time, Part-Time Cohort


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