Laurie Lobdell


Health Professions Program Director, Veterinary Technology

Office: L138


I graduated from Michigan State University’s Veterinary Technology program. I have been in the veterinary profession for 34 years. I have worked in small animal practices including an emergency clinic, a practice that was 25% avian, and a corporately owned practice. I have held many positions including LVT/CVT, Technician Supervisor, Regional Trainer, Hospital Coordinator, Practice Manager, and now Associate Professor and Program Director. I completed my Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 2009, and went on to become a Certified Veterinary Practice Manager in 2010. I am currently working on completing my Master of Education Leadership degree from the University of Illinois Springfield.

Over the years my passion has always been training, teaching and helping other technicians increase their knowledge and skills. I am honored to be the director of a Veterinary Technology Program established 41 years ago which has a reputation for producing outstanding graduate technicians. I am contacted several times each month by employers looking to hire our graduates. When I visit veterinary hospitals across the state of Illinois I hear the praises of how well educated and trained our graduates are.

Courses: VTT 110, VTT 111, VTT 113, VTT 210, VTT 211, VTT 216