Notable Alumni

Notable alumni of Parkland College.  We consider anyone who completed a degree, started an educational journey, or earned job skills through Parkland, a proud alumnus!

Susan Coulter

Graphic design

Associate in Applied Science

Graphic Design


Hometown: Champaign, IL
Year graduated: 2014
Currently working as: Graphic Designer at Busey Bank

How does it feel to be a professional designer?
It’s amazing! I love that I get to go to work everyday and have fun! I work with great people, in a really cool environment. It really is a dream come true.

How do you like your job?
I absolutely love it! I have finally found what I love to do and what I am good at. What makes it great is working for such a great company, alongside some extremely talented designers, who are also so much fun to work with.

How did you get this job?
I saw the job posted on the News-Gazette online. I didn’t really meet all the qualifications, but I applied, submitted my resume and a sampling of my work. I heard back that very day from HR! And the next day from the hiring manager contacted me for an interview. I still can’t believe it!

What is the most exciting project you’ve worked on since graduation?
The project that is most memorable to me is probably the invitation suite for my daughter’s wedding. A lot of love was put into them.

What were some of the most important things you learned while at Parkland?
Wow! I learned how to become a graphic designer! Learning all the software is obviously very important as well. Also, learning how to take criticism of my work. In order for my work to get better, I need to be willing to accept constructive criticism.

What do you wish you would have done differently while at Parkland?
I really wish I had finished all the exercises and homework, even if they weren’t executed correctly or very well. I could have used that practice.

Who is your favorite designer and why?
Massimo Vignelli for sure. I love his clean, crisp style. But, I also love David Carson. He loves to break rules and then puts them back together again in very unique and twisted ways. His work, challenges me to take chances and reminds me that even if you don’t break the rules, try bending them a little.

What is your favorite typeface and why?
This one changes constantly. Right now, I use a lot of Avenir and Chunkfive. However, one of my favorites is also, Mrs. Eaves. I discovered this one while doing a project for Graphic Design III.