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Academic Progress

Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students who are receiving educational benefits through the VA must continue to make satisfactory progress in their academic major. Satisfactory progress will be measured in terms of a student’s college (cumulative) grade point average (GPA). Students receiving benefits are expected to maintain a college GPA that does not subject them to academic probation. If a student maintains a probationary GPA for two consecutive terms, or is academically suspended or dismissed from Parkland College, the student’s future enrollment certification will be suspended and the VA will be notified of the student’s unsatisfactory progress.

Students who are receiving the Illinois Veterans Grant or Illinois National Guard Grant must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher once they have attempted 60 credit hours or their benefits will be suspended.

A student receiving benefits is expected to complete all of the credit hours he or she is certified for each semester. In some situations, a student who does not achieve this course completion schedule may be charged with overpayment.
Students may only enroll in classes that apply to their declared major if they expect to receive G.I. benefits.

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