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Welcome, U.S. Veterans, Service members, Spouses and Dependents:

The Parkland College district is home to roughly 16,000 veterans. Parkland is 343rd in the nation out of more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the number of veterans who receive Federal education benefits. - 376 veterans were served in 2013 We are committed to providing veterans with a successful educational experience. Listed below are programs and services available to veterans, active duty military personnel and their families.

Look here for services you may need to receive federal and state Veterans Administration benefits, enroll at Parkland College, and navigate the college experience. Be sure to contact us if you need further assistance. May you enjoy great success in your postsecondary scholastic pursuits.

   --Office of Financial Aid and Veterans Services


The Office of Admissions and Records is available by walk-ins or appointments in room U214. For more information, contact Lori Sprague, Assistant, by phone at 217/351-2489 or by email at

  • Military transcripts - To have your military transcripts evaluated for credit:
    Please Note! Having your military transcripts evaluated for credit may impact financial aid eligibility.

  • Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) - This Army, Navy, and Air Force program is available to Parkland students in collaboration with the University of Illinois. Interested students should contact the U of I ROTC instructor at 217/244-1407 or Parkland’s Office of Admissions and Records by phone at 217/353-2636. ROTC requires a four year minimum commitment. Students register for the military science course at Parkland and pay Parkland tuition.

  • Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC) - Parkland College is a Servicemembers Opportunity College member. Colleges and Universities participating in SOC agree to remove obstacles in higher education for persons serving in the military.

  • Concurrent Application (CONAP) - This program allows recruits to the U.S. Army to be admitted into Parkland College at the time of entry into the Army. Under CONAP, students will be committed to the graduation criteria of the catalog of the year in which they are admitted regardless of the date of enrollment. Students also have the option to graduate under the requirements of any subsequent catalog.

376 veterans served in Fall 2013

Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services
The Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services is located in room U286. Walk-in appointments are available. For more information, contact Kristina Taylor, Coordinator of Veterans and Military Personnel Student Services, at 217/351-2222 or by email at
  • The Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services will help you file the appropriate forms to process your educational benefit claims with the Federal Veterans Administration (VA), the State of Illinois Veterans Administration, Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), and the Department of Education. We are also available to answer questions about veterans’ benefits and financial aid, and direct you to college support services that will help you succeed in college courses. We process the following benefits:
    • State of Illinois Monetary Award Program (MAP)
    • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
    • Federal Work Study (FWS)
    • Federal Pell Grant
    • Federal Direct Subsidized loans
    • Federal Direct Unsubsidized loans
    • Federal Direct Parent (PLUS) loans
    • Alternative loans
    • Scholarships
    • All Federal VA benefits, including CH33, CH30, CH35, CH31, CH1606, CH1607
    • All State of Illinois VA benefits, including Illinois Veterans Grant (IVG), Illinois National Guard Grant (ING), and MIA/POW scholarship.
  • For more information on these educational awards, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services by phone at 217/351-2222 or by email at
  • We provide an individual orientation to all veterans using their VA educational benefits at Parkland College for the first time.
  • Our veterans and military personnel student services coordinator, Kristina Taylor, is available to assist you or refer you to the appropriate resource for any questions you may have in regard to your education. You can contact her by phone at 217/351-2222 or by email at
  • Money management and budgeting counseling is also available to all of our students. If you need assistance in this area, contact the Office of Financial Aid and Veteran Services by phone at 217/351-2222 or by email at

Veterans Tutorial Assistance

If you are eligible for education benefits and you need help in a subject, you can get supplemental payments for tutorial assistance. The subject must be necessary for the completion of your approved program. You must be training at one-half time or more in a post-secondary program at an educational institution. You can get tutorial assistance for a course you are passing if your grade will not be credited toward completion of your program.

The VA will pay up to $100 per month for your tutorial assistance. The tutorial assistance you get will be in addition to your regular monthly education benefits for going to school. The limit for tutorial assistance is 12 times the maximum monthly rate of $100 (i.e., $1,200).

If you are training under Chapter 30, 32, 1606, VA will not charge entitlement for your first $600 of tutorial assistance. For tutorial assistance over $600, VA will charge one month of entitlement whenever you receive an amount equal to the full time monthly rate for going to school.

If you are training under Chapter 35, VA will not charge you any entitlement when you get tutorial assistance.

- 376veterans were served in 2013

Office of Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services (ODS) works in partnership with the greater college community to facilitate equal access for students with disabilities to the educational programs, services and activities of Parkland College in accordance with federal law. Services are available by walk-in or appointments in room U260. For more information, contact Cathy Robinson, Coordinator, by phone at 217/353-2082 or email at

Accommodation requests and eligibility

Students who wish to request academic adjustments/accommodations or auxiliary aids may do so by submitting proper documentation to the Office of Disability Services. Eligible students may receive one or more of the following:

  • alternate testing arrangements
  • textbooks in alternate formats
  • sign language interpreters
  • special classroom seating
  • equipment
  • note takers
  • interpreters
  • TTY or Sorenson videophone
  • Assistive Technology Lab
Once you receive your letter of acceptance to Parkland, follow these steps to request an accommodation through the Office of Disability Services: 
  1. Submit Documentation of Disability
    Your documentation (click for information) should be mailed, faxed to 217/353-2305, or hand-delivered to our office in Room U260.

  2. Schedule Evaluation Appointment
    NOTE! Documentation of your disability must be received by our office at least one week prior to your scheduled appointment. Call our office at 217/353-2338 to schedule an appointment to have your documentation of your disability reviewed. During this meeting, you will have an opportunity to discuss your functional limitations and how they impact your learning.

  3. Complete assessment testing in the Disability Services Office
    All new Parkland students are required to take assessment/placement tests in reading, writing, mathematics, or English as a Second Language. Call our office at 217/353-2338 and visit our Assessment Center website for more information.

  4. Schedule an Appointment to Attend A "S.O.A.R." Orientation
    Call 217/353-2033, stop by room D120 or email to schedule an appointment. The contents of the orientation materials are designed to explain the registration process, important college policies, and provide an introduction to the tenets of civility and sustainability.

  5. Stay Connected with the Office Of Disability Services  -
    We're here for YOU!  Students are asked to schedule regular follow up meetings with the Director or Specialist to discuss their approved academic accommodations.  Email us at, call us (217) 353-2338 or visit our department located in the Student Union Room U260 or online at

Business Office

The Business Office is the point of contact for billable scholarships and for paying your tuition. Services are available on a walk-in basis in room A108 or by phone at 217/351-2233.

  • Military Voluntary Education Tuition Assistance program (Federal Tuition Assistance) - Active Duty military and Reservists may be eligible for Federal Tuition Assistance. For assistance in this process, contact Dianne Kessinger by phone at 217/351-2420 or by email at
  • Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) - The Department of Defense’s expanded Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts program is offering up to $4,000 to military spouses who are interested in pursuing two-year degree programs, licenses or credentials leading to careers in high-growth, high-demand portable career fields. MyCAA financial assistance pays for expenses such as post-secondary education and training, tuition, licensing, and credentialing fees. Spouses of active duty members and activated members of the National Guard and Reserve components are eligible. Eligible spouses who are ready to explore portable careers options and develop a career goal and plan should establish a MyCAA Account by visiting the MyCAA website Once spouse profile information is provided, DOD will verify MyCAA eligibility through DEERS. The spouse and Parkland will be notified of his/her eligibility status through the MyCAA messaging system. For assistance with this, contact Deb Hall, Accounts Receivable, by phone at 217/351-2362 or by email at

- 376veterans were served in Fall 2013

Counseling and Advising Center

The Counseling and Advising Center is available to assist with a variety of needs. Academic advisors are available to assist with selecting a major and creating an educational plan, and counselors can provide personal counseling services for issues that you may be facing. Services are available by walk-in or appointments in room U267. Online advising is also available for students in good standing who have completed the orientation session with an advisor.  You can learn more about online advising at For more information, contact Patti Arthur, Assistant, at 217/351-2219 or by email at

  • A team of academic advisors has been specifically trained to understand which classes will be acceptable for you to take when receiving Federal VA Education benefits. These advisors complete audits on your classes each semester to make sure that you are on track to earn your degree. The following advisors are designated as academic “veterans advisors”:
    • Dennis Cockrum - verifies students’ schedules with last names beginning with the letters A-E. He can be contacted by phone at 217/353-2254 or by email at
    • Carrie Harris - verifies student’s schedules with last names beginning with the letters F-L. She can be contacted by phone at 217/353-2645 or by email at
    • John Sheahan - verifies students’ schedules with last names beginning with the letters M-R. He can be contacted by phone at 217/351-2555 or by email at
    • Greg Square - verifies students’ schedules with last names beginning with the letters S-Z. He can be contacted by phone at 217/351-2585 or by email at
  • Personal counseling is available free of charge to those in need. Dennis Cockrum, Counselor, is knowledgeable on veterans issues as well as disability concerns, family issues, grief and loss, lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender, low self-esteem, and relationship concerns, among others. He can be contacted for an appointment by phone at 217/353-2254 or email at

- 376 veterans were served in the Fall 2013

Career Center
The Career Center is available by walk-in or appointments in room U238. For more information, contact Rachel Mayfield, Career Specialist, by phone at 217/351-2412 or email at The Career Center also has a list of Veteran Resources that can be found at:

Individual Job Search Counseling:
  • Constructing a well-written resumé targeted to a specific position/business/industry.
  • Composing a cover letter giving a brief introduction regarding the skills, abilities, experience, education that qualify you for the position.
  • Job interview preparation with typical questions and suggested answers.
  • Identifying on and off campus employment opportunities and resources.

Veterans may need specific assistance with:
  • Assessing any changes that have occurred that could impact a career choice (injuries sustained, disabilities, career ideas before military service vs. after military service, new skills that are relevant to a civilian career.
  • Developing a resumé and cover letter to appeal to a civilian employer.
  • Explaining the connection of skills learned in the military to a civilian job.
  • Developing positive examples, or stories, to illustrate the skills and strengths used/learned that will help when answering situational questions in an interview; stories that illustrate challenges that were overcome are ideal and military service presents many challenges.

Career Counseling and Assessments offered:
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Harrington O’ Shea Interest Inventory

34 veterans served in Fall 2013 

TRiO Student Support Services

A TRIO/SSS participant receives support services aimed at promoting academic and personal development. Services are available by walk-in or appointment in room U270. For more information on the TRiO program, contact Mary Catherine Denmark, Director, by phone at 217/353-2266 or by email at

  • 10% of available grant money is set aside for eligible veterans.
  • The services offered include:
    • Individualized tutoring
    • Cultural activities
    • Four-year college visits
    • Equipment lending program (includes laptop computers, graphing calculators, micro cassette recorders, and USB thumb drives)
    • Multipurpose room for studying or tutoring, 5 computers with free limited printing, and reference books
    • Personalized skill building workshops
    • Student leadership opportunities
    • Peer mentoring program
    • Scholarship

- 20 veterans were served in Fall 2009

Student Veterans Association at Parkland (SVAP)

The Student Veterans Association at Parkland (SVAP) is a student-led organization committed to fostering a veteran friendly climate on campus. This organization is open to all interested individuals, with officer positions being reserved for veterans or active duty military personnel. SVAP meets every Tuesday from 12:00pm-1:00pm. For more information, you can contact the staff advisor, Kristina Taylor, by phone at 217/351-2222 or by email at

  • SVAP organizes and presents the college’s annual Veterans Day Ceremony in the college center.
  • Provides camaraderie and a feeling of connectedness for veterans and active duty military personnel considering the unique nature of their experiences.
  • Provides advocacy, support, social, and recreational activities.
Veterans Task Force

Veteran specialists from each of the key departments of student services plus a member of the Student Veterans Association at Parkland and a faculty member meet regularly to discuss veterans’ issues with navigating and accessing college services, and how staff and systems can better respond. For more information or to suggest ways to improve college resources or accessibility, you can contact Kristina Taylor by phone at 217/351-2222 or by email at

- 376 veterans were served in Fall 2013

Center for Academic Success (CAS)

The Center for Academic Success is available for walk-ins in room D120. For more information contact Anita Taylor, Assistant, by phone at 217/353-2005 or by email at:

The Center for Academic Success provides a range of academic support services to enable you to learn well, grow as a student, succeed in your classes, and excel at what you do. These services include the following:

  • Tutoring and Learning Assistance: Make use of walk-in tutoring services provided by faculty, staff, and trained peer tutors, Monday through Friday. Many students come to get help in reading, writing, math (all levels), and many other subjects. We also provide study skills advice.
  • For-credit Instructional Modules and Supplemental Tutorials: Enroll in one-credit hour tutorials to supplement classroom instruction in reading, writing, ESL, math, chemistry, and study skills. Modules are available to eligible students to complete certain developmental coursework requirements.
  • Advising and Advocacy: Work with our team of advocates and academic advisor to plan a semester schedule, understand transfer requirements, or manage issues that stand in the way of school.

70 veterans were served in fall of 2013 with an average number of 8 visits each lasting 70 minutes

Distance and Virtual Learning (DVL)

The Distance and Virtual Learning department is available for walk-ins in room D106. For more information contact Lori Wendt, Online Support Specialist, by phone at 217/353-2012 or by email at

The Distance and Virtual Learning department provides assistance with technical issues relating to your online classes.

Parkland College has been specifically accredited for offering online courses since 2001. According to the Higher Learning Commission, our accrediting body, "The institution has had outstanding success with distance education . . . all distance education students know whatever they need to know to be successful in their classes. They have access to their instructors, to counseling, to services, and to each other."

167 veterans were served in fall 2013

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is an ongoing learning system that facilitates and enhances quality teaching, student learning, and excellence in the workplace. It empowers professionals to address challenges while fostering the scholarship of teaching and student service.

  • The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides professional development workshops for faculty and staff. These workshops include sessions aimed at helping faculty and staff understand the unique needs of student veterans and military members.

Did You Know?

Parkland's adult and continuing education program offers credit and noncredit courses that meet the needs of special populations within our district, such as teachers, businesspersons, retirees, and K-12 students.


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