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Feby Riani

Feby Riani
Hometown: Indonesia
Major: Communication
Interests: Reading, traveling, scuba diving, horror movies

Feby Riani has always dreamed of studying abroad. One day, her dream came true: she was granted a scholarship sponsored by the U.S. Department of State to study at Parkland College. 
Feby wants to teach U.S. history; that’s why she chose this major and earned a bachelor’s degree in Indonesia. When she came to Parkland, however, she chose Communication because she felt it will greatly benefit her in the future. “Communication plays a big part in delivering American history in the easiest way,” she said.
Feby finds studying at Parkland College to be fun and meditative. Compared with Indonesia, the American education system is a lot better, she said, because it uses two-way communication. Here, students have chance to express their opinions and feelings, while in Indonesia, communication is one-way. She gained new knowledge by studying at Parkland, the paradigm of American culture and society from inside and outside of the classroom.
With her carefree smile, Feby, whose mother has always been the inspiration in her life, said she is enjoying American life. She also enjoys reading, traveling and scuba diving, adding that she is “fearless.” “I am living without hesitation, and I am easygoing with everything,” Feby said. She loves to watch horror movies in her spare time, and also enjoys hanging out at bars in Champaign and active participation in school clubs such as the English Conversational Club (ECC), the International Students Association (ISA), and Parkland United for Student Health (PUSH).
When she returns to Indonesia, Feby wants to continue studying to pursue her master’s degree in U.S. history. 
 Written by Reni Yuliastutik, Parkland student

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