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Dilara Efe

Dilara Efe
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Major: Radio and TV Programming
Interests: Student activities and clubs

Dilara Efe was honored by being named to the dean’s list during her first semester at Parkland, which she considers a great achievement. 

The thing she likes the most about Parkland College is that it has a TV channel and radio station where, as a media student, she has the opportunity to practice whatever she learned in her classes. This will help her get her dream job: to work for one of the best international TV channels in the world.

“I want to work for a TV channel like NBC or FOX Sport and be a boss at my job,” she said.

Besides her classes, Dilara likes attending at Parkland because there are many activities, events, and student clubs to join. “They give a lot of attention to international students here, so I have many choices of what to do at Parkland. There are also many sport teams here; as a big sports fan, I enjoy watching them play a lot.”

Dilara said that there is a big difference between community college in the United States and in Turkey. She thinks colleges in the U.S. are big and have many choices of classes, student clubs and sports. In the U.S., community colleges play a bigger part in higher education. In addition, students are able to choose classes they want to take.
"In Turkey, the community colleges seem to be more for students who don’t have enough grades to go to University, and the classes are already prepared according to the major they take; they cannot change it,” she said.
When she goes back to Turkey, Dilara will continue her study for another year then transfer to a university or find a job. She wants to start working as a producer and director and wants to produce her own TV program one day. It’s one of her biggest dreams.

Written by Reni Yuliastutik, a Parkland student

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