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Muhammad Faisal

Muhammad Faisal
Hometown: Pakistan
Major: Business Management
Interests: Reading

The calm, quiet, and intelligent Muhammad, who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur in his native Pakistan, anticipates that the time he has spent learning at Parkland College will be advantageous for him. He enjoys the college’s ambience and says Horticulture Program Director Kaizad Irani has been his best professor here thus far. Muhammad likes helping others, inspired greatly by the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). He also likes math, having earned a medal in Mathematic Competition in Pakistan in 2008.
Muhammad enjoys hanging out with friends around Champaign-Urbana; among his favorite spots are downtown Champaign, downtown Urbana, and the Market Place Shopping Center. He mostly listens to classical music, and his favorite sports teams are the Cricket Team of Pakistan and the Soccer Team of Italy. Muhammad says he will truly miss these moments at Parkland College once he returns to his country.
Written by Rumi Islam, Parkland student

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