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Pedro Oliveira Raimundo

Pedro Oliveira Raimundo
Hometown: Brazil
Major: Computer Science
Interests: Playing and creating games

Pedro is taking Computer Science as his major because he loves playing and making games. Another reason is that he can solve problems and create experiences using games or programs for others. His biggest dream is to be a game designer for a big company. 
A smart student, Pedro’s proudest academic achievement is that he has worked through a research scholarship for five years at his school in Brazil.
He said that his biggest inspiration is knowledge, “because it’s something to pursue and work toward.”
Studying at Parkland College has given Pedro access to many subjects that he wouldn’t have at his home country. He has made many American friends and learned a lot about American culture. He also said that he speaks English more fluently now compared to before he came to the United States. He wants to study longer at Parkland and learn about other subjects.
His favorite thing to do when he has no homework is to stay at home playing games, and his favorite place to hang out is Papa John’s because of their pizza. “Nothing’s more fun than sitting at home and playing games,” he said; he could sit for hours in front of his TV or computer playing and creating games.
When he goes back to Brazil, Pedro will continue his studies and try to reach his biggest dream in life.
Written by Reni Yuliastutik, a Parkland student

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