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Genevieve Cox

Genevieve Cox
Hometown: Rantoul
Major: Business
Interests: Computers

Genevieve took Business as a major at Parkland College because she wants to be a forensic accountant. Her biggest dream, however, is to be a teacher or professor.
Parkland is a wonderful place to study for her because the teachers are very helpful. “You can go as far as you want to after completing your associate’s degree because you are taught the skills of how to succeed,” she said. Genevieve said she gained the confidence that she can do what she wants to do academically by staying focused on her goals while studying at Parkland College.
Genevieve thinks that the educational system at Parkland gives everyone the opportunity to learn. “However, once you start riding the rollercoaster of the semester, you have to keep on track to the very end of the journey to maintain your grades and, at times, your very sanity,” she said.
After graduating from Parkland College with her associate’s degree, Genevieve plans to continue her study at Franklin University in Ohio.
Written by Reni Yuliastutik, a Parkland student

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