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Hector Morales

Hector Morales
Hometown: Guatemala
Major: Media
Interests: Soccer and writing

Parkland College international student Hector Morales’s spirit is, to describe in a word, indomitable.
Having been in the United States for eight months, the 19-year-old from Guatemala has discovered that he has the “special and involuntary power to get into trouble.” Despite this, Hector not only has learned to appreciate the trouble, “because it is making me grow up,” but he also has begun writing his first book about his U.S. experience.
Today, the Parkland Mass Communication major works as an intern at the Parkland TV station and plans to join the Parkland Cobras Soccer team later this spring. He still takes time out for enjoyment, which includes writing and catching the latest films at the Savoy 16 Movie Theater. A sports enthusiast who’s wild about soccer, Hector often has dreams about playing the game (soccer ball in hand!), admires German footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger, and follows the German national soccer team fanatically.
Hector will return home in May, where he plans to find a new soccer team to play for and, most importantly, finish college.
Written by Jennifer Martinez Romero, Parkland student

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