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Haider Amin

Haider Amin
Hometown: Pakistan
Major: Communication
Interests: Soccer

Winning a Community College Initiative (CCI) scholarship at Parkland College is one of the best things that has happened to Haider Amin. He is taking Communication as his major because, although he has worked as a journalist for many years, he wants to become a famous and professional journalist. 
Studying at Parkland is a fun experience for Haider. He is learning many things and enjoys the practical study. Besides, he is gaining knowledge about American culture and lifestyle through the events at Parkland. Haider said the American educational system is better than the one in Pakistan.
“Here in the U.S, teachers don’t force students to do or not to do things; they give students freedom and opportunity to speak and share their opinions," he said. 
His passion is his inspiration in his life, because he loves to learn new things. “Intelligence has to support the passion.” Haider said. When he finishes his studies at Parkland, Haider plans to go back to Pakistan and find a better job than he had before.
Written by Reni Yuliastutik, a Parkland student  

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