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Ali Gondal

Ali Gondal
Hometown: Pakistan
Major: Advertising
Interests: the environment, animals, advertising, travel

Ali Nawas Gondal took a year off from his work to come to the United States to study; he was granted a scholarship and decided to study at Parkland College. In Pakistan, he works as the associate creative director for global ad giant J. Walter Thompson.

“The fact that Parkland is one of the best community colleges in the country speaks volumes about the college, and I must admit its reputation is well-justified,” he said. “My interaction with the faculty and administration has left me with the impression that at Parkland students are kept at the heart of every decision. I have been extremely lucky to have found teachers who inspire me, and my relationship with my faculty will hopefully go beyond my term at Parkland.”

An Advertising major, the super-shy Ali said his dream career is to be a travel writer. He has always believed that one should be passionate about more than one thing in life. He enjoys subjects that get him going, like animals, the environment, any educated debate, and travel exploration, as well as stories that “animate other peoples’ lives.”

Studying at Parkland was a unique experience for him. “It was interesting to see the diverse disciplines that the school offers all under one roof,” Ali said. “I got a chance to work for an in-house student-run ad agency that handled real-time clients. That particular course helped me in interacting with American clients and understanding their psyche and expectations.”

Ali said American education has been known for its high standards for many years now. “The U.S. has a long heritage of being a hub for knowledge and has fostered top-ranking educational institutions that cater to students from across the globe.

“Having said that, the American education is high-priced and not accessible to everybody, especially people from humble backgrounds,” he said. “The community college bridges that gap and caters to the audience that can’t afford to go to a four-year school and helps them transfer to a four-year school. Further, the concept of continued learning for people who want to return to school after a gap is also something that should be replicated in developing economies where illiteracy is a major concern.”

After studying at Parkland College, Ali plans to return to Pakistan and resume his job at JWT. 
 Written by Reni Yuliastutik, Parkland student

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