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Reni Yuliastutik

Reni Yuliastutik
Hometown: Indonesia
Major: Business
Interests: singing, traveling and writing

Coming to the United States to study has been always a dream for Reni Yuliastutik. She finally reached her dream and made it come true by winning the CCIP scholarship at Parkland College. 

One thing that she always believes is that dreams come true. She worked hard to be able to reach her dream and keep a positive outlook; that is always the special recipe of her life.

Reni’s mother is her biggest supporter and life inspiration. Her biggest dream is to make her mother happy, and the biggest step she made was quitting her favorite job and taking on the new adventure in the U.S. She chose Business Management and Administration as her major because she wants to be an entrepreneur.

“I want to be my own boss,” she said.

The multitalented Reni plays guitar, sings, and writes. She enjoys writing about her life and travel experiences. She has been writing since 2007 and received many compliments from her readers.

Studying in Parkland not only gives Reni a chance to study abroad in a different educational system, but it also gives her the opportunity to experience American life. “This year has been a blast for me,” she said.

Written by Reni Yuliastutik, Parkland student

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