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Ibrahim Tawfek Elnahas

Ibrahim Tawfek Elnahas
Hometown: Egypt
Major: Geographic Information Systems
Interests: Reading

Ibrahim, an international student at Parkland, hopes to become an expert in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). He believes Business and Agri-Industries is the best department at Parkland and prefers his major most of all because of the challenging tasks it presents. “I always like to discover things,” he said. Dedicated to his studies, he wishes to gain as much knowledge as he can while in the United States. Ibrahim says he is fully enjoying his time at Parkland and particularly appreciates its calm and quiet atmosphere.
A quiet yet social young man, Ibrahim loves to hang out with friends during his weekends at the mall or other social gathering places. The soccer team Real Madrid is his favorite sports team. He derives inspiration for life from the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Although he will be returning to Egypt in May, Ibrahim says he will include among his best days his time spent at Parkland College and in the U.S.
Written by Rumi Islam, Parkland student

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