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Building a strong workforce in our community.
By continually seeking new industry partnerships and state, regional, and national workforce resources, Parkland College strives to boost its communities' access to higher-paying jobs and advancing technologies and to meet the needs of district employers.
District workforce: a snapshot
Parkland College’s workforce development initiatives annually serve Local Workforce Investment Area #17, a region which includes:
  • 261,232 Residents in Champaign, Ford, Piatt, and Iroquois counties
  • 18,619 Business and community organizations
  • 157,382 Area workers
  • 9,047 Enrollments in Workforce Development programs
State/federal funding sources
Parkland successfully pursues state and federal funding to support initiatives in workforce development. Several state and federal grants it has obtained support training in healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and other key workforce areas in District 505.
 Grants for Workforce Development ProjectsAmount awarded
 ARRA Lean Healthcare (DCEO) $480,650
 ARRA Sector-based Initiative Six Sigma (DCEO) $509,339
 DCEO State Energy Sector Partnership $375,000
 DCEO Grant Bridging the Digital Divide $47,500
 Employer Trained Investment Program (ETIP) $144,395
 ICCB Highway Construction Careers $354,634
 ICCB Early School Leaver Transitional Program $50,000
 ICCB Adult Education Bridge Program $22,500
 Local Workforce Investment Board: Youth Program $50,000
Programs and initiatives
Parkland College's workforce training programs and initiatives serve dislocated, underemployed, and underprepared working-age adults, as well as existing (incumbent) workers who need to upgrade their skills to move up in their careers.
  • Dislocated Workers
    Free workforce re-entry training: Through funding from the federal Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB) #17, workers who have been laid off (or notified that a layoff is coming) and those in need of retraining receive free services that direct them to careers in healthcare, manufacturing, and tractor trailer driving. Many dislocated workers receive short-term training that allows them to quickly reenter the workforce.
    Parkland Workforce Development • Tawanna Nickens • 217/351-2390

  • Underemployed Workers
    Highway Construction Careers Training Program (HCCTP): Funded by a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation and administered by the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB), this program will help increase the total number of minorities, women, and disadvantaged individuals working on IDOT highway construction projects. Parkland partners with the ICCB and other Illinois community colleges on this training program.
    Parkland College Business Training • 217/351-2235

  • Underprepared Workers
    • Adult Education services: Parkland College Adult Education offers free/low-cost services, programs, and instruction to adults who need to improve their basic literacy, do not have their high school diploma, or do not speak English as their first language.

    • Early School Leaver Transition Program: Young adults, between the ages of 16 and 21, who did not complete high school can complete adult education instruction while participating in work-based learning experiences and career skills-building classes through this program.

    • Free Computer Literacy Training Classes: Funded by a DCEO grant, the Digital Divide Training program servers the community by providing open entry/exit basic computer literacy training and instruction.
      Parkland Workforce Development • 217/353-2113

    • Adult Education Bridge Program Development Project: This ICCB-funded program encourages students to see the completion of the GED as the first step on the road to a career in the areas of healthcare, manufacturing, or transportation/logistics. At Parkland, students will complete their GED and also enroll in a Certified Nursing Assistant course which will allow them to begin working.
      Parkland Adult Education • 217/351-2580

  • Incumbent Workers
    • Community-based Job Training Grant: Parkland’s Engineering Sciences and Technologies provides industrial maintenance training for incumbent workers at Kraft, Plastipak, and Flex-N-Gate, through funding from the Department of Labor and its Community-based Job Training Grant.
      Engineering Science and Technologies • 217/351-2401

    • The Diesel Technology addition at Parkland College, located to the southeast of the Tony Noel Agricultural Technology Applications Center, significantly increases the capacity for training in diesel technology.
      Business and Agri-Industries • 217/351-2213

    • Lean Healthcare Training: Parkland partners with local healthcare providers to offer Lean Healthcare training to more than 1,650 area healthcare workers at Provena Covenant Medical Center in Urbana, Kirby Hospital in Monticello, Provena United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville, and Gibson Area Hospital in Gibson City. Lean is a process and management philosophy, derived mostly from the Toyota Production System and used in numerous industries, through which waste is identified and steadily eliminated to improve overall customer value.Training is paid for with a grant from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO).
      Parkland College Business Training • 217/351-2235

    • Six Sigma Training: More than 480 workers from Kraft Foods Inc., Midwest Underground Technologies, Silgan White Cap, Taylor Studios, Alamo Group, Flex-N-Gate, Horizon Hobby, Vesuvius, USA, and more benefitted from a $509,339 grant from the DCEO to develop Six Sigma training for employees. This training involved the professionalizing of quality management functions in order to improve manufacturing/business processes and eliminate unproductive output.
      Parkland College Business Training • 217/351-2235

    • State Energy Sector Partnership (SESP) “Green” Jobs Training Program: Green technology is expected to be a major source of new jobs and increased training for existing workers. Parkland College recently received SESP (State Energy Sector Partnership) funding to train over 300 workers for career opportunities in energy efficiency and renewable resources. These funds are used to train existing small contractors in new energy efficiency standards in their fields. Participants will receive training to help them successfully reenter the workforce.
      Parkland Workforce Development • Tawanna Nickens • 217/351-2390

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