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Behavioral Intervention

Parkland College is concerned about the care, welfare, safety and security of all of its students, faculty, and staff, and is committed to providing an environment in which individuals are free to work, learn and teach, unencumbered and uninhibited by threats of intimidation and harm.
Faculty, staff, and friends often are among the first to notice when a member of the Parkland College community is distressed or behaving in a potentially dangerous or disruptive manner. Difficulties with academic progress, personal relationships, or daily behavior often indicate a need for assistance.The Behavioral Intervention Team will use a collaborative approach to assess and proactively respond when an individual’s behavior causes concern.
The BIT is committed to continually assessing and evaluating its function and protocols over time as best practices are identified and refined.  We invite all suggestions to improve our services and resources.

Lets stay safe, together.
The Parkland Behavioral Intervention Team

Parkland College Behavioral Intervention Team Members:
  • Mike Trame, Interim Vice President, Student Services: U334 • 351-2551
  • Marietta Turner, Dean of Students: U242 • 351-2505
  • William Colbrook, Director, Public Safety/Chief of Police: A160 • 351-2884
  • Rod Lovett, Director, Athletics: P204 • 351-2409
  • Tawanna Nickens, Dean, Adult Basic Education/Workforce Development: I104 • 351-2390
  • Cathy Robinson, Director, Disability Services: U260 • 353-2082
  • Kathleen McAndrew, Director, Human Resources: X216 • 353-2024
  • Dennis Cockrum, Counselor: U280 • 353-2254
  • Donna Tanner-Harold, Counselor: U273 • 351-2429
  • Tracey Hickox, Director, Center for Academic Success: D128 • 351-2431

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is a collaborative committee that meets regularly to discuss individuals about whom concerns are expressed.


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