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Dental Hygiene Hosts 2nd "Day of Healthy Smiles"

Community physicians join program faculty, staff to serve residents in need

Wednesday, April 16, 2014
The Parkland College Dental Hygiene program, SmileHealthy, and the Illini Dental Society sponsored the 2nd annual "Day of Healthy Smiles" dental treatment day last Saturday at the Parkland College Dental Hygiene Clinic.

Approximately 125 area residents received free dental work, including fillings and extractions; 18 also received appliances to replace front teeth, crafted by Ragle Dental Lab and Orthotechnologies personnel. Nearly 20 dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons volunteered their service to residents, along with Parkland's dental hygiene students, staff, and faculty.

"The "Day of Healthy Smiles" is an opportunity to provide services to our patients who are unable to access care; many of them have been in pain for a long period of time," said Dental Hygiene Program Director Peg Boyce. "In addition to providing much needed services to patients, the clinic day offers students the opportunity to experience what it's like to prepare for the event, to work alongside other health care professionals, and to feel the joy of making a difference in our community.

"It takes a lot of planning and coordination to prepare for this treatment day, but we have some amazing and generous people involved from SmileHealthy, Illini Dental Society, Carle Oral Surgery Department, Ragle Dental Lab and Orthotechnologies, and Parkland. We are grateful that we have the equipment, the clinic, and the support to host the event."

Only patients who were prescreened and given a treatment plan by Parkland or SmileHealthy were treated. 

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