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Professor Writes New Book on Visual Literacy in the Sciences

"Art of Teaching A&P" covers hot topic with multidisciplinary reach

Friday, December 16, 2016
A Parkland College associate professor has written a new book covering the hot topic of how to improve visual literacy in the sciences.

Lori GarrettLori Garrett, a biology faculty member who teaches anatomy and physiology courses, wrote The Art of Teaching A&P: Six Easy Lessons to Improve Student Learning, published by Pearson Education earlier this fall.

Directed to anatomy and physiology instructors to improve their teaching skills, the book is based on current research in learning theory and educational psychology. Such research indicates that although deeper learning occurs when students study art and images rather than studying written text alone, today's students generally demonstrate a low level of visual literacy. 

Garrett's book walks instructors through the research and guides them towards more effective use of the complex artwork in classroom textbooks that can prove challenging or overwhelming to some students.

The topic of visual literacy was featured at the 2015 Human Anatomy and Physiology Society (HAPS) annual conference; this past May, Garrett’s presentation, "When a Picture is NOT Worth a Thousand Words," was well received at the 2016 HAPS conference in Atlanta. 

The need for visual literacy is multidisciplinary, Garrett has found. Since the HAPS conferences, she has conducted a webinar and presented on the topic at the Illinois Community College Biologists Association (ICCBA) conference in Peoria and to a group of faculty at a professional development conference in Houston. She also has a preliminary invitation to present to the Michigan Biologists Association in fall 2017.

Garrett is also the author of Get Ready for A&P, now in its third edition. Get Ready for A&P has been adapted for numerous other disciplines, including biology, microbiology, physics, and organic chemistry.

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