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Enrollment Planning Model

An Enrollment Planning Model for Parkland College

As documented in the preceding analysis, Parkland needs to plan for an eventual credit student headcount enrollment of at least 17,600, representing an increase of about 5 percent over current enrollment. College plans also need to anticipate a corresponding growth in community and business development center (noncredit) programs. Such growth will require at least 20 percent additional classroom and academic office space. That conclusion implies the college will need additional space.

If credit enrollment grows to 17,600 students, Parkland’s existing campus of approximately 800,000 gross square feet would provide 45 gross square feet per student (800,000/17,600). The seven community colleges in “university towns” considered previously average 73 square feet per credit student and a campus of 610,000 gross square feet. This phase of the master plan presented in this document would increase the total gross square feet of permanent space for the college.


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