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Sports Medicine

The Parkland Athletics department, in coordination with the Sports Medicine department at Carle Clinic, helps athletes compete at their highest level. Parkland provides physicals for athletes prior to competition and assists with prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Parkland also provides a secondary/excess coverage policy on intercollegiate athletes.

Insurance information:
1. All athletes are required to have a current physical examination. Parkland College provides this service with Carle Clinic Sports Medicine.
2. All athletes are required to a have current, completed and signed Health Insurance Information form (View with Adobe Acrobat® Reader) on file. Athletes may not practice or play in intercollegiate sports until the form is received by the Athletics department. Parkland College provides excess or secondary insurance coverage for injuries or accidents sustained during intercollegiate team practice or meet/game only subject to the policy provisions. NOTE: THIS POLICY DOES NOT COVER SICKNESS, OLD INJURIES, PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS, OR NON-ATHLETIC INJURIES. Parental insurance or employer insurance, if available, provides primary coverage. If there is no parental coverage, the college insurance provides primary coverage. If parental or employer coverage is provided by an HMO, PPO, Network, or other form of self-insurer, please indicate this on the form.

Primary responsibility for claims rests with the parents and/or the student/athlete. All medical bills for your son/daughter incurred as the result of an injury in the intercollegiate sports program will be sent directly to your home address. In some cases the Athletics department may receive a copy of the bill, but bills should never be directed to the Athletics department.

Step 1
Submit the bills to your family/employer group or plan coverage first. They will do one of two things:
1. Honor the claim and pay all or a portion of the bills incurred.
2. Not honor the claim and send a letter of denial.
Step 2
If a balance remains after your family/employer group or plan insurance has paid the claim please send the explanation of benefits or letter of denial, from the insurance company, along with a copy of all itemized charges, to the Parkland College Athletics Department.

Once the primary insurance has contributed, the remaining balance will be submitted by Parkland College to our insurance provider.

It is in your best interest to have the claim settled promptly, since all of the bills incurred are in your name. Please direct questions to the Athletics department at 217/351-2226. All claims should be filed within one (1) calendar year of the date of injury. Failure to do so may result in nonpayment. If the claims adjustor needs any further information, someone will contact you directly. Your cooperation is important in assuring that the claim is processed in the least possible amount of time.

Please be sure to note on the insurance form if your insurance is with a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO, i.e., Health Alliance, Personal Care), Preferred Provider Organization, or Network. This will prevent problems with the claims process at a later date. HMOs, PPOs, and Network insurers have specified care facilities and terms in the policy provisions. Failure to meet requirements may result in nonpayment of claims.


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