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Do my college credits ever get too old?
This is a common misconception. Most of the time, your general education classes remain useful even after an extended period of time. Classes that get 'too old' are usually math and any course where the technology has changed dramatically. But never assume! We'll have a look and provide any options available to you.

Will my previous college credit still count toward a bachelor’s degree?

Each adult degree completion option accepts as many previous credits as each program allows.

May I use my work experience for college credit?
Yes! However, each college that provides this opportunity has a specific process for evaluating and awarding credit. As you ask any college representative about this option, think more in terms of what you learned while working. Nearly every process awards credit based upon 'experiential learning', not just for the work itself.
I am a working adult with a family. How can Parkland help me earn an associate's degree?
Parkand has always offered flexible learning formats for students whenever possible. At the associate's level Parkland offers evening classes, lots of online classes, and hybrid (part online, part classroom attendance) for many degree programs. The Adult Re-entry Center is your best resource for degree programs that offer flexibility and courses that address your scheduling needs. 

I work full time and can’t leave this area. How can I earn a bachelor’s degree?
All of the adult bachelor's completion options listed at our website are designed for working adult who are 'place-bound'. When you choose a 'partnership university', you can be assured that you can continue to work and travel no farther than Parkland for coursework. Each program on the 'partnership' list provides information on whether the degree is classroom based taught at Parkland, or completely online. Check with us for more information about any of the partnership colleges listed.

I have an AAS degree. Can I still earn a bachelor’s degree?

Absolutely! Nearly all of our partnership degree programs welcome the AAS student, and may accept your degree in total. You may have 50-60 percent of your bachelor's already completed! Check with a member of the ARC staff for help determining how much of your degree will transfer.

I have credits that are a mix of degree-type classes I took for my job or personal interest. Will any of these credits work towards a Parkland associate’s degree?

Possibly; determining factors include: 1) the degree you are pursuing, 2) the nature of your past credits, and 3) the bachelor’s degree you are working toward.

Can I afford a college degree?

You can’t afford to go any longer without one! Students can file for federal financial aid, access employer benefits, or use their military benefits. Most colleges have a payment plans.

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